July 29, 2021

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1 Hour Beginner Yoga – Full Body Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

24 thoughts on “1 Hour Beginner Yoga – Full Body Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

  1. Omg this was so good. It was difficult, I felt emotions being released and I had to take breaks. I was only able to get to 47 mts of it done. Goal is to do the full hour and have more stability . This kicked my butt . Thank you !

  2. After a few tries, a lot of sweat, and a lot of shaking in my bad knee, I’m proud to say I finally made it all the way through this video!! I’m not in great shape, but being able to make it this far without giving up makes me so happy!! Thanks for the great video!!!

  3. I used to do quite a bit of yoga and switched my focus to weightlifting for a while. Because of COVID, I can't get to the gym and started feeling sluggish. This is a great re-introduction to yoga and I like that it's longer as it helps me settle into poses and remember my form.

  4. I want to get strong and more flexible, so today I went through your video for the first time. I'm actually surprised that I could go through it all without pausing and feeling like dying. But I will keep doing this session until my form, breath control, muscle mind connection and stability is better. Thank you for posting this~

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