July 29, 2021

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10 Minute Morning Yoga For Beginners Full Body Stretch

27 thoughts on “10 Minute Morning Yoga For Beginners Full Body Stretch

  1. These are perfect for inflexible beginners like me, thank you so much. It’s so calming with the music, no timers and the lovely slow pace. Thanks for helping us all out in these stressful times <3

  2. I absolutely love this video! It never fails to loosen me up. I use it in the mornings when I am sore, or having a hard time getting up and going. Love it !

  3. Who wld dislike these!?
    Great, videos… very helpful… coming from a former dance teacher who also used to do yoga for years but is now disabled and trying to get motility in joints back.
    These gentle and non-overwhelming videos help so much to not discourage people who may be doing yoga for 1st time, or getting back to it, at varied stages in life or those fighting pain, etc… long story, short,
    These are Welcoming videos

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