June 21, 2021

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15 Min Daily Yoga Routine for Beginners (Follow Along)

37 thoughts on “15 Min Daily Yoga Routine for Beginners (Follow Along)

  1. Brother, I have started doing this 15 minute exercise for 3 days and feeling better. Will definitely continue this. Thanks for video.
    Do you know anything about Herbalife nutrition products. They saying just 30 days use of their product can help reduce weight by at least 5 KG. I am 5.10 height and 91.4 KG weight. And want to loose weight by at least 20 KG. Please help to reduce my weight.

  2. Yes finally. I refuse to be taught yoga or anything else spiritual by people who arent even apart my culture nor my race. Yoga came from my people, so I'd much rather give my money and time to my people, or Africans.

  3. Brother are you doing full body workouts along with this yoga exercises ☺️ is there any problem by doing these 2 things and plz tell the best time for these plz

  4. This is the best yoga I came across, I have been doing from one month n I can feel I’m more energetic, sir can you make 30 min yoga please, along with bow pose

  5. Looooove your Channel, can you please do the suggested herbs in America, I try to order what you suggest but Amazon is for India not America. I really want to order.

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