June 21, 2021

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20 MIN ABS & BOOTY WORKOUT | At-Home Pilates (No Equipment)

38 thoughts on “20 MIN ABS & BOOTY WORKOUT | At-Home Pilates (No Equipment)

  1. OOh burnign abs. That can only mean it is good for me. Love your videos. Short effective and dare I say it enjoyable. So glad I found your Channel. Thank you Nicole 🙂

  2. I've been doing your videos from the very first upload – one every day. Just completed this today, got two more months of videos to go! They are magic x

  3. Love your videos too. I usually don't like videos with just one person blablating. But I love yours. And I appreciate the way you calmly but strongly push us to our limits. Quiet strength. Thank you

  4. absolutely loved this combination of abs and glutes!! Could you imagine making another one but longer (eg. about 40 mins)? 🙂
    definetely thankyou very much for this one <3

  5. Thank you so much for your workouts! I have been doing them for a month now and the changes in my body shape are so wonderful! I feel strong and healthy and toned. I love your workouts. Thanks again.

  6. I LOVE THIS! I just had a long day of working and didn't feel like a long workout, this is perfect! I feel really warm and nice in m y body and it didn't take that long! You're amazing! <3

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