July 29, 2021

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20 min Beginner Flow for Strength & Flexibility

29 thoughts on “20 min Beginner Flow for Strength & Flexibility

  1. I enjoyed the beginners class. As an individual with a very large belly I find it hard to assume many basic positions (also I am not terribly flexible…) Does anyone know of anyone YouTube tutorials that are good for pose modifications?

  2. Thank you so much Kassandra – your yoga sessions have kept me going during the pandemic and it's something I really look forward to every morning and feel so much better after. Namaste.

  3. As a male who only spent time lifting weights, I found your instruction and selection of beginner stretches/poses is amazing. I tried a few other "beginner" videos, but they weren't as accessible as this one. During the Flow I could feel and identify the tightness and pain in my muscles, and afterwards I felt looser and freer. thank you

  4. I never comment, but I have to say. I always quit workouts and yoga vids in the first five minutes because it is too hard long and fast. I’m quickly worn out and get discouraged. I finished this entire workout without taking any shortcuts. This is actually on a beginners level while still being engaging and challenging. I needed this. Thank you so much.

  5. Hi, I’ve never try yoga before and I really wanna try it out. Can I do the same video until I’m good at it or should I try different videos everytime? And is 3 times a week good enough?

  6. I have to say, that I am most grateful I´ve found Kassandra on YT when I wanted start to practice. She is my only YT teacher, I love her sessions, voice and behaviour. She acts so modest and calm. Her flows are excelent!. And maily she does the lessons for us not to exhibit as other YT teachers, therefore she is motivation itself.

  7. I started with your classes following a back injury in July, started on the morning yoga program, and by now I've been through that twice and moved on, and you've become one of my best habits. Thank you for posting these! One request, if possible: I occasionally find one video that I really like for some reason, but I always have trouble finding it again. It would help me so much if they had a unique numbering system (like the 30 day morning program did.)

  8. This video was great! I just finished doing the 30 day yoga challenge last week and have been watching your other videos since then to get my daily yoga in. 🙂

  9. Hi Kassandra I just started your 20 minutes Beginner Flow class this week as my body is so rigid and stiff as am in desperate need or work as this is very simple and not intimidating at all as going to do this every day and hopefully in a month or so can move to something that is a step up from this.

  10. Good morning Kassandra. I finished the 30-day challenge yesterday and now do this practice with you. Although I am not really a beginner, I find this help in perfecting my practice and flowing from one pose to the next. Thank you so much.

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