June 21, 2021

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20 Minute Best Pilates Video for a Leaner, Longer, Stronger Body

We partnered with FLEXStudiosNYC to bring you an exclusive full body pilates workout that will make you leaner, longer and stronger in no time at all! Give it a …


200 W 93rd St.3H
New York, NY 10025

25 thoughts on “20 Minute Best Pilates Video for a Leaner, Longer, Stronger Body

  1. GREAT pilates workout Ladies. Your cues throughout were on point – very helpful in reminding where to focus and pay attention to. Challenging – but manageable! When is the next one??!!! More more more.

  2. I've tried a lot of pilates workout in this quarantine but this is the most toughest and the most challenging pilates workout I've ever done tysm❤

  3. It is a good workout, but as other people have said, it's tough, so I'm surprised that you're inviting beginners to try it and not offering lower impact options, especially for example on the side planks. Luckily I know what they are. Thanks for the challenge anyway!

  4. Almost a year now since I discovered this and it has changed my life! Really. I have had several back injuries in the past with severe chronic pain. Doing these exercises 3 times a week has eliminated my pain. If I tapper them off my back lets me know. I used to waken in the morning with stiffness in my back but since I have followed this routine it is no longer the case. Can't thank you enough Jenn and Jackie.

  5. My sister, our friend, and I have included this workout in our rotation once every few weeks over zoom and it has consistently challenged us. Love it!

  6. Studio Pilates Body Motion is such an amazing studio – I was absolutely hooked after my first class! The instructors are really encouraging and make you work hard to achieve great results. I can't recommend this Pilates studio highly enough!

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  7. I suffered with severe back pain for years. I have been doing this routine twice weekly for 8 months and have not had any pain since I started. Thanks for such a great, professional workout. I'm age 65 by the way.

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