June 21, 2021

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20 MINUTE FULL BODY WORKOUT | Intermediate Pilates Class

33 thoughts on “20 MINUTE FULL BODY WORKOUT | Intermediate Pilates Class

  1. This was super challenging but suuuuper soothing as well. I don't really enjoy the fast paced rythm of many workouts but pilates really gets me going. I am so thankful for such good and intense (for me at least hahaha) workouts while calming and relaxing. It makes me want to do more and that's great bc working out its not really my favourite thing so thank you so much!!

  2. I love pilates … I get sore knees if I do too many squats or high impact workouts, but pilates is perfect for toning without injuring my joints 🙂

  3. Nicole i really loooove all your workouts!! Since I’m working from home I want to try to make exercise before getting breakfast and start work, so it has to be short but would like to activate my body a bit, just like walking to work would be. Which one of your videos do you recommend for this sake? Maybe this one? Thanks a lot again, I’ve fallen in love with Pilates thank to you!

  4. i’m new to pilates and i loved how this video was very easy to keep up with and to do but i felt the burn in places i didn’t know i had lol!

  5. I always hear about pilates as being a great way to get lean muscle but ignored it for years because I genuinely thought it was overhyped. Wow I was wrong, this is fabulous, definitely sticking with it

  6. ive always been the type to be experienced with cardio sports like track and gymnastics, but this was definitely needed and really gave me a sense of burn! loved it and I'm completely obsessed

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