July 29, 2021

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25 MIN Full body Pilates // 14 Day Full Body Challenge

31 thoughts on “25 MIN Full body Pilates // 14 Day Full Body Challenge

  1. I love the workout but I had to be looking at my screen the whole time to follow along — not because of your gorgeous accent! Just because the instructions weren't clear enough to do the workout without looking. You might try a voice over, it may be easier to clearly describe the moves instead of while you're doing them yourself.

  2. I was beating myself up today about not getting in a workout this morning. I pulled up this video pretty late, showed up, and gave it my all. I was super happy when you mentioned how some of us were ending our day with this video because I felt like I counted and that it was ok to not workout immediately in the morning. Great video!!❤️

  3. I am so glad, that I have found your channel. I like your workouts very much, because they are not too exhausting but effective. Thank you Sanne.

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