July 29, 2021

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30 Minute Full Body Stretches For Flexibility – Gentle Beginner Yoga Flow

33 thoughts on “30 Minute Full Body Stretches For Flexibility – Gentle Beginner Yoga Flow

  1. I haven't done yoga in a few years so this was definitely difficult for me and I only made it ten minutes, but this has a great flow to it and I feel like it works perfectly for me getting back into regularly doing yoga! Even at only ten minutes I feel like it helped a lot!

  2. This is not for beginer as its not described clear enough when flowing into each position. thank you anyway for all the effort put in. My flow was interrupted by adverts ao will probably avoid in the futuree

  3. This was perfect, thank you! I'm not a brand new beginner to yoga but I'm still beginner level and this was easy to follow. With consistency I can master it. Thanks Again!

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  5. well at least i wasn't the only one that found it a bit hard for a beginner haha really it was mostly the arms that made it hard, haven't built enough strength up yet but it was still pretty good.

  6. The ad I had was for water, so it was a perfect time to take a quick sip ! Take you Cole Chance. You have poses I haven’t tried before and I’ve been doing various classes for many years. It would be nice to have music going while we have this practice but I must say I always feel ready for bed afterwards

  7. This is my second morning of doing this routine and I’ve mastered the pose where you end up on the floor in a triangle! Love this routine it seems to stretch all my body just right ❤️

  8. I LOVED this flow until commercials started playing during the video. Is there a reason why you'd interrupt the flow multiple times for commercials instead of adding them at the beginning like you already do?

  9. I liked the yoga practice but after the 3rd Ad I was done. These kind of ads should be at the beginning and the end, not in the middle of the yoga. Just adds more stress instead of relaxing. I do understand that you want to make money because it is great getting the free practice. But please reconsider your ad placement. Also when doing so many downward dogs, more of a warmup should be done. Thanks for listening.

  10. Love it! Might be difficult for people who never did yoga before. For the ones who tried some yoga, know basic poses, but didn't yet mastered the asanas, I think this is a great flow.

  11. thanks so much Cole. I only discovered these videos now during lockdown in Belgium. But I see the content is already two years old. Happy to say that it is not in vain and the yoga practices are still being used. grateful warm greetings from Belgium. Pedro

  12. quick question @yogatx, is this safe for 1st trimester? I know outward twists would be ok, but no backbends. I just feel still too strong to do the clearly pregnancy labeled yoga videos, thx for your reply:)

  13. not possible for me, because i don't have enough muscle in the arms. I had to stop at 7 minutes. This is definitely nothing for this beginner 🙁

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