July 29, 2021

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30 Minute Mat Pilates Workout

40 thoughts on “30 Minute Mat Pilates Workout

  1. Thank you Beth for this video, loved feeling my obliques working! You are so inspirational! Keep up all the work you do!
    Love from The Netherlands

  2. After struggling with back problems for years (mostly cause my back muscles were weak!) I can feel my back saying "thank you!' when I am done with your exercises,

  3. Again I repeat myself, you make these workouts look so easy until someone joins you on the mat! But I can't complain because it is due to how you do them that's made me fall in love with Pilates. Thank you Beth for these workouts!

  4. The exercises in this video were very good, however, I have just 1 bit of constructive criticism. I would like to know more of when I'm supposed to be inhaling and exhaling. I know that it makes a huge difference in the connection to the muscles and working them even better when you're breathing correctly.

  5. That was wonderful. I don’t know you call it but those moves laying down on the stomach and rotating from side to side were killer. A very strong oblique workout. I love your top. It looked great on you.

  6. I LOVE this pilates workout! I do this regularly before I start work and I always feel amazing / relaxed yet full of energy afterwards. Looking forward for trying some of you other classes 🙂

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