July 29, 2021

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30-Minute Yoga Sequence for Total Beginners

21 thoughts on “30-Minute Yoga Sequence for Total Beginners

  1. Very familiar with her. She’s a rock star in the yoga world. Super smart and talented young lady who brings so much realism to yoga for beginners including plus size women. Love her!

  2. I finally found someone I can actually follow and learn from. I will be doing this video for the next month along with my new challenge of walking 2 miles a day. I am really happy with the instruction Thank you

  3. Yes finally someone who truly explains each move. Thank you. I will be doing this practice again, until I can do the moves correctly. Thank you Jessamyn

  4. For many years, I thought I was too “big” for yoga or it was for middle aged white women. I’m on a spiritual journey & I’m so happy I found someone who looks like me!

  5. Oh thank Black Jesus. I needed to area Black curvey woman instructing cause these other girls be having me feeling self conscious with their inaccessible instruction

  6. When I started this morning my head was heavy and stiff all over. The back bend made me feel like I wanted to puke but after the last Pidgeon I feel happier and all the gross feelings are gone. Going to go see if you have a website with a subscription option as my local Qi gong has been cancelled due to the plague

  7. Just completed this first video with you, this is my first time doing yoga. I swear, I just want to burst into tears of joy. You have no idea how much I have needed this both of confidence and encouragement, to see someone who looked like me. My whole life has been nothing but judgment on my appearance and my flaws. And with that weight on my shoulders oh, I have never really had the strength to want to change myself for the better and improve for for me and only me. This is definitely a start and I just want to thank you so much for providing this free video to us oh, God knows that I probably won't be able to afford paying for anything right now. Thank you so much and U have just earned another follower and fan. God bless you beautiful.

  8. Thank you for this! I used to love yoga before I got pregnant with my daughter and since having her I just couldn’t get back into it. My poses were not as good as they once were, I wasn’t as flexible.. it was really hard to face. So I just didn’t do it.. this video reminded me that yoga is supposed to be beautiful and gentle and loving.. that pigeon pose on my left leg released all the tears. Thank you for sharing your practice ❤️☀️

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