July 29, 2021

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60 Minutes Full Body Pilates Workout

23 thoughts on “60 Minutes Full Body Pilates Workout

  1. Hey, I finished the class and you could honestly improve the video 20 times better by: 1. changing the childish music 2. reviewing the video as there is moments where is just black and 3. TAKE OUT THE ADDS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORK OUT. other than that it was awesome

  2. Really enjoyed your workout Cailin. It is very similar to the class I used to go to before Covid and have really missed it. Your instructions are clear and safe. I am so happy – thank you.

  3. THANK YOU, Caitlin!!!

    Gosh I missed Pilates! Totally enjoyed your class especially during this pandemic. I feel like back to my normal workout and feel like we are doing one on one!

    All has been said: great and clear explanation that I don’t even need to watch you for every step, and love the stretch in between and the breathing reminder, and, the light background music!!! And I sweated too!

    Love love love!❤️❤️❤️

    Please post more or something like weekly program or monthly calendar like ‘Yoga with Adriene’!

  4. Do you use weights for your glutes? Or are you strictly a Pilates girl? I tried using Pilates for a rounder butt, but I didn’t find it as effective as if I were to use weights.

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