July 29, 2021

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15 thoughts on “Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Flow (Free Class)

  1. I didn't enjoy this flow. It didn't feel like yoga to me, it felt like a workout with yogic movements. I think it's because there was no focus on the breath at all, and that's the cornerstone of the practice of yoga. Ultimately, my breath is my responsibility, and keeping that in mind made the flow more enjoyable, but I think that there should be a focus on breath in EVERY yoga sequence, especially at the advanced level. Even the reminder to stay aware of the breath would have been helpful.

  2. This workout just whipped mine and my boyfriends butt!! You are so good at yoga. I suggested to do a beginners yoga video because we haven’t worked out in months but oh no we had to do something advanced lol I don’t think I have ever flexed in those angles before nor has he. Lol

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