July 29, 2021

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Day 3 – Forget What You Know – 30 Days of Yoga

35 thoughts on “Day 3 – Forget What You Know – 30 Days of Yoga

  1. after a year of covid lockdowns i totally fell off any fitness i was doing, thanks for leaving these free so i can ease back in 🙂

  2. 57th day of doing yoga every single day and finally achieved a (sloppy) plow… I love seeing this progress. Not to mention my vastly improved mobility, balance, strength, and mental health. I can't believe I didn't commit to yoga sooner!

  3. I came to the comment section to see if anyone commented if this one was too hard. I came here to say it isn’t! Just do it! It’s so nice, it doesn’t take that much effort, it’s so relaxing!

  4. Day 63 for me of a daily yoga practice! I did Breath, Home and then decided to go back to the beginning. Yoga is that little bit of time each day I can forget about lock-down, etc. It's the longest amount of time I've done anything. Don't give up, you've got this!

  5. I broke my body and now Constant pain is my life I am fine as long I can continue pursuing for my dream It gives me a meaning and reason to stay in this life. Yoga give me hope that I will be able to continue with my journey in gymnastics body building and casteic goals because without meaning I can't live

  6. I never thought I’d do yoga lol. I pretty much weight lift and used to power lift. However I noticed I had issues with mobility and flexibility. And I happened to come across yoga and it’s benefits and well as being relaxing and stress relieving which was definitely needed. I tried some yoga videos just to familiarize a little then I found you and it’s great so far. Definitely not as easy as I thought lol but I am enjoying it and relaxing and trying my best to keep a steady breath throughout. So thank you for giving your time to better others.

  7. After doing Yoga with Adriene for almost 6 months and after doing the Breath Series of 2021, I decided to go back to this series because I am a beginner and want to begin, well, where she begins. I have done yoga on and off for years, but this pandemic/quarantine sent me inwards and now I want to FORGET WHAT I KNOW… and start again. Namaste y'all.

  8. i almost didn’t do it til the end but kept pushing even though i have no strength in my arms so holding myself up is really hard but i do have more strength in my legs and core so keeping my balance worked really well

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