July 29, 2021

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Full Body HIIT Pilates Workout // Fusion

24 thoughts on “Full Body HIIT Pilates Workout // Fusion

  1. I’m always surprised how different this workout feels some days. Today, I’m drenched and my muscles are shaky. It was a challenge to get through it. Other days, easy peasy.

  2. So many year and I still can’t to a correct push up, I still have to heave myself up with my back and can’t use my arms) it’s so disappointing and crushing. I’m still gonna keep trying no matter how much I cry though

  3. Thank you! once O got the hang of the movements I really started feeling it, in a good way! And this was a great resistance set for my tight/sore hamstrings after too many lunges a few days ago 🙂

  4. I am a beginner. And I’m trying to find a work out that I can do (Not a lot of jumping, (full body, because I don’t have time to do sections like arms, and legs, and then put in abs etc., Better if I do it all at once and it’s easier for me to remember). I think I can do all of this and have done many of these moves, just not all together. I haven’t done a full 30 minute workout before. Mostly 10 to 15 minutes with breaks. I do like this includes a warm up with it. Will this work if I get it done only once or twice a week? I’ve never been able to get 3-4 times weekend. And if I take a lot of breaks will it ruin the point of the work out?

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