June 21, 2021

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HIIT Pilates Workout // Total Body Fusion Workout (No Equipment)

33 thoughts on “HIIT Pilates Workout // Total Body Fusion Workout (No Equipment)

  1. Can anyone share the January interactive calendar with me. I signed up late in January. Messaged her site but I guess they are busy and haven’t heard back. Please help.

  2. Thank you for the challenge, Heather! I like barefeet too. Perfect Saturday Sweat Sesh when it is so cold out the giant alaskan malamute doesn't want to take a walk! But I did shovel for 30 minutes.

  3. A fantastic movement class. Definitely still an intensity through the class, and the stretch component throughout was appreciated. No jump lunges for me but I simply improvised with something else. Thank you, Heather!!

  4. hi Heather
    i started your workouts in january i'm a bit late because i finished 12 weeks and i'm starting your january program i'm amazing as always i can't wait for tomorrow to get back to gymnastics with you. continue to encourage us and do better and better to improve us.Thanks you are a treasure. Giorgia Italy

  5. I love how her workouts are focused on movement and strength and not weight-loss. They feel so much calmer than some of the other ones on youtube!

  6. Just using your own body weight and I'm sweating! One of my fave workouts with Heather. Everything just flows and what a way to start 2021♥ Thanks Heather

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