June 21, 2021

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Pilates Home Workout | Tone Your Core & Waistline In Record Time

21 thoughts on “Pilates Home Workout | Tone Your Core & Waistline In Record Time

  1. Yay I finally got through this video for the first time without having to stop! I love your videos, thank you for helping me be motivated and get strong! <3

  2. Yeay. Final 10 day abs challenge. Definitely need to repeat again and agai the challenge to get stong flatten abs. Thanks for sharing, Juliana. Cant imagine how my workouts would be without your channel and program.

  3. One of my favourite boho videos. I love how each video gives me a different feeling, different vibe. Somehow this is one of my all time favourites for a short and sweet workout to come back to every once in a while.
    In general, can't recommend Boho Beautiful highly enough. I have been exercising several times a week for all my adult life but nothing has made my body quite as toned and lean as their workouts. Also, doing them never feels like "torturing" myself (though some can be super hard), they feel like loving myself. These workouts just leave you with the best feeling, and usually with wanting to do even more workouts. ♡

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