July 29, 2021

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Pilates Workout | Best 15 Minute Body Burn For Results

24 thoughts on “Pilates Workout | Best 15 Minute Body Burn For Results

  1. Hi family, so sorry I ask for your forgiveness. We went from beginner to advanced in one day. My mistake. everybody gets an A for today. I will locate some intermediate classes for the future. But if you had fun and did your personal best. That is what matters most. Gret video and thanks for sharing. I learned a lot tonight.

  2. Love your quick and effective workout videos! I've been using them for years! I found this one a little difficult on my hips — perhaps the sustained hold in the beginning. Are there any tips for avoiding that?

  3. I’m just here to say that I did this every day for 2 months a the results were amazing. I stoped doing it during the summer and I gained some weight so I’m here again because the results are real! I got so strong. I also did her abs class and arms. Amazing results

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