June 21, 2021

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Sunrise Pilates Workout | 30 Minute Practice | Lottie Murphy

I’m excited to bring you this sunrise pilates workout which is really similar to the way I like to move in the morning, a little bit of strengthening, stretching and …


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37 thoughts on “Sunrise Pilates Workout | 30 Minute Practice | Lottie Murphy

  1. One of my favourite routines of yours Lottie. Low impact but feel I'm really working with this routine. I have SI joint problems and v tight hip flexors so I feel like I'm working all the right places with this lovely routine. Great teacher and content, especially during the pandemic. Thanks so much x

  2. Thanks Lotti! That's exaaaactly the combination I like. Thanks for putting them together in so many videos, with no repetition between them! I'm fan!

  3. FYI everyone, if you like her class and want to support her getting paid by Youtube, you should let the ads play through. On the ones that you can skip, try to watch at least a minute of it. Hopefully we can help her keep the channel going 🙂

  4. Hey Lottie – as silly as this might sound, I’ve missed you. This is the first video I’ve followed since day 24. It was simultaneously challenging and lovely. Hope all is well. And once again, thanks for existing.

  5. Well done Lottie, another excellent class. Clear instructions with some great Pilates moves… I think you have the perfect level of class too…..I hope you keep going with your videos. Really enjoying them.

  6. Hi Lottie, Your classes are amazing, amazing work. I am 3 months post having a baby so I'm trying to get my strength back. I've been cleared to do exercise and was doing reformer pilates, but sadly everything is closed again due to covid. Your classes really target the areas I'm weak in. I'd love some deep core activation, back strength. Thank you so much

  7. Love this workout! One question. At the beginning when you are on all fours with leg extended out, is it okay to come down to your forearms, instead of hands being on the mat? I have tendonitis in my forearm, and supporting myself on my hands doesn't feel great.

  8. This was great! Thank you so much. Appreciate all the modification options you give and the reminder for the ribs and shoulders etc. Did it at the end of my work day but it means I now don't feel like I am slumping into the evening but rather energised and will sleep great!

  9. Loved this routine this morning, was just what I needed, thank you. I am really enjoying your channel as well as your routines on the Ella app. Would love to see some longer routines and I look forward to your new one on Sunday 🙂

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