July 29, 2021

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Yoga For Beginners at Home (15 minute) 30 Day Challenge Day 1

31 thoughts on “Yoga For Beginners at Home (15 minute) 30 Day Challenge Day 1

  1. shocked and sad shes no longer with us. truly helped and helps so many people all over this hurting planet. thank you eternally. rest in power <3

  2. The only problem I had in doing this was when you had us lay on our right sides with our knees to the left.
    I tried and it literally felt like I'd rolled over a marble. I felt a half dollar sized stone solid lump slightly below my right hipbone.
    What the hell even was that?
    Anyone with ideas?

  3. its a bit difficult knowing what to do when trying to do it because you don't say and so my heads on the floor and you on a completely different pose

  4. I've been having a stressful few weeks and I'm trying to make yoga a weekly practice to cope with the stress. I'm so happy I came across this video. Really helped me detox for the day

  5. I have just started and have never done yoga before. My plan is to learn your 30 day lesson till i know it by heart every 30 days. Thank you for helping me to find my center in theses crazy times. Much love Muffin

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