July 29, 2021

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Yoga For Beginners – The Basics – Yoga With Adriene

38 thoughts on “Yoga For Beginners – The Basics – Yoga With Adriene

  1. Found your channel on Monday (3 days ago and I've been back every day) and even though I am still very overweight , I can keep up. My dog joins me every time (think I need to Nala her own mat) and she just zones out.

  2. I did it!!!!!! 😀 Thank you! You are so thorough with your guiding i cannot believe that a week ago i heard yoga and thought of me collapsing to the flour easily! I will come back for sure! Right now i feel so great with my self and confident that one step at a time i will achieve everything! Namaste <3

  3. I started crying at the end of the practice, I didn't even feel it coming. There was definitely something inside I needed to let go. This was not my first time doing yoga at all but this never happened to me before. So, thank you, it was beautiful and incredibly necessary!

  4. Ive following along for a couple weeks now and I feel so good 🙂 Came back to this one cause I love it. One question, I still find a lot of stiffness and soreness in my wrists when doing tabletop or downward dog, I've always found that too when trying to do pushups or something. Is this normal? I have no wrist issues. They are just so sore after and it hurts to move them after. Maybe something I'm doing wrong ?

  5. I've been doing yoga on and off for 5 years now. This video was a great avenue to calibrate MY personal practice. Even for someone who's had years of yoga, it's good to return to the basics and see your true self. Thanks again, Adriene.

  6. I am working my way through the inquire calendar, I have actually been practising yoga for about 7 years now, but Adriene's practises always teach me something new and dig up something unexpected! Feels great to slow down, connect to the basics and really think about how my body feels in theses poses. If you are new, don't feel discouraged if this was tough, even seasoned yogis find challenges in the movements.

  7. This was amazing ! I learned so many new things and I have been practicing for about 10 months. Always learn something new with yoga… this made me love my journey so much more. Adrienne you’re so awesome & perfect at teaching yoga! Thank u from the bottom of my heart

  8. …I started practicing meditation with Adriene in July for many of reasons. Really just wanted to find some peace in a world that's gone mad. The benefits were felt immediately and so I kept returning to the mat. Every morning. One day a time. Beginning with the morning 7 minute meditation video I found on YouTube and my practice has grown from there. Now I'm introducing beginners Yoga into it. Thank you Adriene for sharing your wisdom and yoga insights!!. I look forward to this part of my day, every day.

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