July 29, 2021

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1 HOUR FULL BODY WORKOUT || Full Length Intermediate Pilates Class

33 thoughts on “1 HOUR FULL BODY WORKOUT || Full Length Intermediate Pilates Class

  1. This is my first post-corona workout, I'm a beginning at working out and not very strong or flexible. This was such a joy to follow! Your voice is so soothing, the tempo of the movements was slow enough to follow, and the workout itself was challenging but not overwhelming. Thank you so so so much! Looking forward to working out with you more!

  2. The bést pilates in YouTube. Nicole really motivates you. The background music makes me very zen.. only thing i 'miss' is a timer bar like caroline girvan to see how far (%) through the workout we are. But im a fan of Nicole. Instructions are very good.

  3. Thank you Nicole! I loved this class. It made me feel so much better and not so overwhelmed with all my deadlines. It was so perfect… love from New York xx

  4. This is a really nice pilates workout, thank you Nicole! I liked every workout from Nicole I've tried so far. It would be really nice to have more 1-hour full-length workouts from you 🙂

  5. I love your videos! Thank you so much for all of your different classes you share with us. I've never been into home workouts, yoga, pilates, etc. but now I found your channel it's so much fun moving my body everyday for myself by myself! Greetings and love from Germany.

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