July 26, 2021

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1 Mile Walk with Pilates | At Home Workouts

34 thoughts on “1 Mile Walk with Pilates | At Home Workouts

  1. Superb….love the walk Pilates….I used to do this kind years ago but my trainers moved into other specialisation of fitness ….so I've been missing this so much. It's such nostalgia doing this work out ….
    This is fun , yet powerful work out.

  2. I was feeling so low at the time of lockdown and started it for some fun,but soon I got eddicted and started doing it daily and now I can't live without it and not only this I loose 2 to 3 inches from my lower body and everyone was shocked to see me .I love this program.Thank u
    Lot's of love from India.

  3. Hello Leslie, I love you lessons. I have only been busy for 1 week and I feel energized again. Last year I gained 6 kilos and NOW I know that in a short time I will have my 60 kilos back. Exercising with you is a great way to exercise. I am 65 years old and I have no problem keeping pace with you. With love from the Netherlands. I stay with you.

  4. I really enjoy your walking exercises, especially The FAST WALKING IN 30 MINUTES https://youtu.be/enYITYwvPAQ, I PRACTICE IT EVERY DAY 5 days per week and I also practice the 1 mile walk with Pilates . Total 51 minutes workout. I feel great . I am 74 and I have being practicing them since November 2019 . Thank you so much for these excellent videos . Greetings from Almeria Spain . February 18, 2021.

  5. I was never able to walk 10.000 steps before. Now very easily I reach 10.000 and more with two sections of 3o mins each. Thank and bless you Leslie Sansone (Italian ancestry I presume that do good anywhere), from Italy.

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