July 29, 2021

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10-minute Beginner Friendly Yoga | Plus Size

20 thoughts on “10-minute Beginner Friendly Yoga | Plus Size

  1. This is wonderful! Thank God for all beautiful shapes and sizes. I expect my partner to have extra weight it's healthier. It's all in the mind. We been taught wrong. We are too thin with dry skin. Eat more healthy fats and do yoga!!!!!

  2. Well that was a humbling experience. If you don't use it you lose it. I used to do it but that was 10 years ago and I've gained 135lbs since then. I tried to get back into it at the YMCA about 5 years ago and quickly realized how my weight had changed everything and it had become seemingly impossible not to mention I had suddenly found myself excruciatingly embarrassed. So I gave up. Fast forward 5 more years and I'm stiff as a board so here I am in my living room giving it another try. This video was just right for a plus sized, out of shape 40 year old like myself. It was challenging enough without being too hard and it felt really good to stretch and engage those poor neglected muscles. I'm going to try and do this everyday and hopefully morning and night until I feel comfortable enough to move on to something more challenging. Thank you for your video!

  3. I have a person I help care for, she's to the point if she gets on the floor, it takes emts to come and get her up. She's really interested in yoga but afraid there won't be any poses she can work on because so many are sitting on the floor. Any chance I could request a video with mostly standing poses for people who can't get on the floor? That would be amazing

  4. Yay finally a PLUS size BEGINNERS yoga stretch! No threading the needle haha! I can't bend in those positions because my fat gets in the way. I still couldn't sit on my heels at the end tho, my feet and ankles hurt to do that.

  5. This was by far the best yoga video I've ever followed along to! For once it was enjoyable, relaxing, a little challenging but not painful. You have a new subscriber! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I’m trying this tomorrow. I gained weight not from just being home but I got Covid and had 3 strokes. My arms and legs are just starting to work again 5 months later. But I have so much more , body. I tried yoga today and did well but I can’t do many of the moves. This is helpful. Thank you!! See you soon.

  7. Instead of doing a bar over your video, download a cheap video editor and edit out the video parts where you talk, and then narrate over it. Also, I respect trying to make money, but that's a lot of commercials in your description, in the interrupts, and at the front and end of the video. This just direct professional criticism that I hope is helpful. You seem like a lovely person and I wish you well.

  8. I was going to reccomend this video to someone who is bigger and afraid she can't do yoga. But your long winded sales pitch turned me off. Recommended another video. Say it at the end instead of the beginning and more people will tune in.

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