July 29, 2021

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10 Minute Yoga For Beginners ( EASY Morning Stretches )

28 thoughts on “10 Minute Yoga For Beginners ( EASY Morning Stretches )

  1. Finally !! Someone who actually understands the limits of beginners, even stiff as a board old fogeys like me ! 🙂 I looked through some of your other routines as well and found many that seem perfect for me. Thank you !! Subscribed,

  2. I'm new here but wanted to thank you for your video I have been dealing with some serious pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Nothing I do anymore helps I can no longer make it thru a day Withought massive burning tightening pain. I thought maybe I should try Yoga at home. So I will attempt to help myself anyway I can from home and naturally. I will go theu your videos and follow some of your great teaching thanks again. Sending hellos from Anchorage Alaska Tschandra Heinze

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