June 21, 2021

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20 Minute Pilates Class

38 thoughts on “20 Minute Pilates Class

  1. So many of Beth's Pilates videos are great, but this is a favourite of mine. I've always found Teaser to be challenging, and I love the way this video helps you build up to it gradually. Thanks Beth!

  2. I was trying to smile when you said so, but I don’t think it looked like a natural smile… 🙂 at the end of the class when we do the cross legged breathing I found myself smiling though. Thanks for this class Beth! Enjoyed it.

  3. This was the PERFECT class after a long run I had done yesterday (17km). I feel a lot looser in the muscles and more energised to take on the rest of the day! Thanks for this <3

  4. The gyms are closed because of the Covid19 pandemic. I am so grateful for all the youtube exercise videos. I have tried several Pilates videos, but I just stumbled on Beth's routine today. I am so happy to have found it. I will be doing this routine daily. Thank you. I feel great! I love it!

  5. I started doing a group pilates class a few months ago and since Lockdown I needed to try a daily pilates session. I tried a few but always returned to Beth. Will continue these sessions even when I can return to my group class. Thank you.

  6. Hi Beth, I enjoyed the session. Although I had no idea what teaser was, I was able to do it and was happy about that. Most enjoyable were the role overs.

  7. Beth, you came to work with me and I did this workout during my lunch break. I felt it incredibly difficult to slow myself down and relax into the movement. BUT, by the end I felt so relaxed and it was amazing how easily the 3 variations of teaser came after all the prep work. Great workout, thanks for bringing peace to my day 🙂

  8. Thanks! I cannot do the roll-up. My feet keep trying to rise and i just dont have the strength yet. Is there a modification i should do in meantime please? Thanks,Colin.

  9. I really enjoyed doing this video because I can really feel how much I’ve improved since the first one. All the exercises feel a little easier and i can feel new strength in different areas of my body.

  10. This was one of my favorite videos we have worked through. I have not ever felt as comfortable as I did today in Teaser! Working through these exercises slowly and building up to them really helped me to have the strength to do the full teaser. I did have a couple of issues in other exercises though. For roll over I was able to roll over without too many issues but when bringing the legs back down I gained too much momentum and would at times bring my head up. Is this more of an issue of core strength? Then as far as seal, I was able to do it a few times but in the last time rolling back it pulled at my back/ shoulder muscles. I am sure this is just the newness of the exercise but I look forward to mastering that one as it did feel great for my back as well as the different stretch for my arms/ legs.

  11. I felt so confident when doing the teaser! Having specific exercises leading up to teaser which helped prepare my body for the exercise was super helpful. I struggled at the end with seal though. Most of the struggle came from losing my balance. I'm sure it was just because my body was not used to the exercise so I am hopeful that when it comes up again I will be able to do it better.

  12. I really loved this workout video! I usually enjoy a faster pace, but I really liked the slow pace of this because I was able to make sure that I was really engaging and felt those stretching sensations. While doing the teasers, I felt very calm, strong, and centered, which was definitely a new feeling! One thing I did have issue with was the very last exercise (seal) – I felt a lot of work in my neck and upper back, but I'm assuming that's because my body isn't sure how to properly execute that exercise… but I'm looking forward to reviewing it!

  13. I enjoyed this video. I felt that my teaser was much stronger than it normally is because we were preparing for it the entire video. I felt challenged when we were doing the variations of teaser, but this is not supposed to be easy. I really enjoyed the seal at the end. I feel like I was better at doing the seal than I am at rolling like a ball. For the seal I engaged much more than do for rolling like a ball so I am sure that helped me in getting back up and maintaining my balance at the top. Involving my arms also helped me curve my spine properly, which I sometimes struggle with in rolling like a ball.

  14. I really enjoyed this workout. When it started saying we were going to end with teaser, I was dreading it. All of the workouts prior though really helped though and once I got to teaser, I didn't struggle as much as I thought I would. Doing the seal at the end was very hard for me though. I kept falling over but I was eventually able to get it for a little bit.

  15. Hi Beth, even though I like this video, I couldn’t perform the pelvic curl, what could I do to gain strength to do it? I’ve done pilates before but not for the last year

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