July 26, 2021

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30 MIN CARDIO PILATES || At-Home Full Body Workout

33 thoughts on “30 MIN CARDIO PILATES || At-Home Full Body Workout

  1. a few weeks ago started with your beginners vid, which totally kicked my ass. i've been doing others but this one's by far the most complicated workout i've ever done. it's amazing, makes me feel really good afterwards. thx!

  2. I just fell in love with your workout routine.. i wanted to know that what precautions should we take doing these exercises and what time is the best time to do pilates. Hope you will answer my questions.

  3. Hi Nicole! For me it's very difficult to get my lumbars sticked to the floor when I raise them up on diagonal. Any trick?
    Thank uuu so much for your wonderful classes!!!! Xxx from a follower from Barcelona!

  4. Loved this! A beautiful class as always, and it felt so short! Could you do some longer cardio workouts in the future? There were some new exercises that I really enjoyed. It's hard but well worth it! Thank you <3

  5. I get bored easily, so if it’s too easy…I don’t feel like I got a good workout in. THIS ONE WAS AMAZING! I felt the BURN esp w the side leg workout. Worth every minute of my time. I’m wondering if you could make a longer version of this? An hour would be great, or close to it. Thank you for these easy on the joints but burning workouts!

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