June 21, 2021

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30 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | At-Home Pilates

31 thoughts on “30 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | At-Home Pilates

  1. Much to really like about your videos/practice. Lengths are practical. Your commentary & music wonderful tempo. And your combination of full body pilates, along with some yoga concepts, is diverse. Yet most important – you get immediately into the class without upfront running dialogue, readings or concepts. I'm recovering from spinal surgery – and your direction is perfect for pliability and toning. Thank you so much.

  2. Loved this practice! I completed it, which is an accomplishment in itself. I needed to take a few modifications here and there, but not as many as usual. I can absolutely see my strength and flexibility improving with consistent practice of your workouts, Nicole. Thanks so much for all the hard work and thought you put into them. You are helping so many people throughout the world!

  3. Beautiful workout. Such gentle yet challenging moves. I was so relaxed but yet I sweated and feel amazing now. Thank you for sharing your talent with us <3

  4. Great workout, towards the end my heart started beating fast, thanks to the jumps, which is great because I barely do cardio endurance training. Thank you so much Nicole, the best Pilates teacher on the net! Noga

  5. This is amazing! Thank you for teaching people. I had followed for 5 days now, but why my lower back hurts when doing the exercises for abdominal, and I dont feel any burning on abs?

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