July 29, 2021

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30 Minute Full Body Mat Pilates Core Workout with Sean Vigue Fitness

40 thoughts on “30 Minute Full Body Mat Pilates Core Workout with Sean Vigue Fitness

  1. In Eugene, Oregon,my work area is shut down from Covid for the next 2 weeks, Puppy and Pilates for me at my place, the gyms are also closed the next 2 weeks in Oregon so thank you YT and Sean’s app!

  2. Hey Sean! Working out with you from Orlando, Florida. I have done a lot of your Pilates videos and have some of my friends hooked as well. I used to play baseball in college and then for a year professionally and would do your Pilates workouts 3x a week! I am curious about your filming set up? What camera and microphone set up do you use? The quality of sound and picture is amazing and I am looking to buy a set up of my own!

  3. We are in Bend Oregon. My husband is loving your videos. And I hope we can sometimes take a vacation to where you were teaching for a live class. He has given of the gym for my beloved Pilates. And you have been one of the main reasons

  4. hey coach training from Brooklyn NY. I've done several of your yoga videos. First time trying pilates. A bit awkward at least at first but will keep trying.

  5. Hi, I'm a Pilates teacher in a village called Adderbury, Oxfordshire, UK. Been training in Pilates and Yoga with you for some time now. Thanks for the great workouts and flows.

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