June 21, 2021

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39 thoughts on “Advanced Yoga Workout ♥ Challenge Your Strength & Balance | Tofino

  1. i dont think you should discourage people doing cardio and running..you dont get fat running…everyone has their way ..your way is also good…but its dangerous to stop people doing things like running if its what they like..choose yoiur words well…

  2. I always find myself coming back to this practice whenever I feel like I "can't" do something in my life. This practice is challenging, but you remind us, it isn't unattainable: "Strength – something that one achieves from overcoming the things they thought they couldn't do. That moment when you prove yourself wrong…It's in that moment when your body wants to stop but your mind says, 'I'm not done yet.'" "Stay focused and find that inner strength." Thank you for always empowering us through your yoga workouts — for reminding us the power of the mindset and that we are never helpless; we do have control. When I feel like giving up — both on the mat or in my life — it's your voice that brings me back, that helps me believe in myself again. You're amazing and a constant inspiration. <3

  3. I always truly believed that knowledge should not belong to anyone . But seeing what western people have done to Yoga I seriously feel that maybe it should have stayed here in India. And thats really sad.

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