July 29, 2021

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Advice for Yoga Beginners | 5 Yoga Tips for Beginners | Suggestions for How to Start Yoga

23 thoughts on “Advice for Yoga Beginners | 5 Yoga Tips for Beginners | Suggestions for How to Start Yoga

  1. -Listen more closely to instructions so you can get the pose right
    -Don’t be in your head, otherwise you can’t focus
    -Don’t judge a pose by the way it looks
    -Don’t like a pose? Probably means that your body needs it!

  2. I am on the thrid day of practicing yoga ever I am only doing surya namaskar with some yoga work out and my back spine feel tensed and sore but not bad pain, is this normal? And how can i get rid of it? And how do I know if a certain pose is not harmful for my spine and body? Thnx..

  3. I thought your beginners tips were right on point. Although I'm not a total beginner, I have only being doing yoga for the last year after a long break and it was good to be reminded of all the things you mentioned. One that really resonated for me is your tip that if you don't like the pose then it's highly likely that that is the one you need. It is so true! And the tip about holding the poses just a bit longer than is quite comfortable (but not damaging!). Slowly we become stronger. Thanks for this post.

  4. Hi ma'am resentely I start my yoga chanel… My body is not perfect in this reason every time I thought a lot when public ly do yoga but at a time I realized that there are many perfect body behind me but they are not as flexible as I am..
    And when I listen your vedio it's inspired me a lot
    Thank u for your vedio

  5. Hi, I’m 62 and new to Yoga i suffer with arthritis in my right wrist and struggle to put my hand flat on the floor any suggestions would be great Thanks

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