June 21, 2021

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Beautiful Body Pilates | Total Body Workout

26 thoughts on “Beautiful Body Pilates | Total Body Workout

  1. Cassey plz never take this video down its literally the best workout for when im really not feeling it or when ive been slacking so im not as strong. I never feel bad about myself when i do it because i dont have to stop and it hit all the main muscle groups so if im still not feeling it after i dont feel guilty for not doing more. Literally the best kindest workout video. I love it sm <3

  2. These were wonderful moves matched with great pacing!! ❤️ I definitely enjoy this kind of video workout a lot

    My nails are a Minnie Mouse design by Cutepolish 🙂 The red tips with white polka dots and a little black bow ☺️

  3. this workout is so so fun and relaxing!! i just started doing your workouts and i already love them so much! i'm so looking forward to your future pilates full body workouts! 🙂

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