July 29, 2021

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25 thoughts on “Beginner's Yoga Class | 35 Minute Everyday Full Body Stretch

  1. Thank you sooo much for a wonderful video. It really is a lovely way to start a day or end it with this session of yoga. I really adore your voice and the way you transition and end this session. Since I discovered you recently I am doing more yoga practice and I really feel refreshed after each and every session. Thank you soo much and keep doing what you are doing!! I wish you a wonderful 2021 and many years to come:)

  2. this was my first class with you and I feel so relaxed and stretched out and my creative juices are flowing! it was easy to follow along as a beginner to yoga, and spirituality, and the atmosphere felt so welcoming and gentle. thank you, have a lovely day!

  3. Thank you! Great class, didn't miss a pose, very gentle, and great for getting back into yoga. I feel more aligned and will prescribe this to others. I appreciate your production style, so please continue making content and impacting thousands of people daily!

  4. Jessica, I am so grateful that YOU are on the internet and that I found you while in quarantine. You are the only person I see regularly. I especially like your flow, breathe guidance, and meditative closure. Na i'ma stay : )

  5. Thank you for offering a beginner class that really is for beginners! You do a wonderful job relating well with your participants. I have an old tablet & wish that I could hear you a little more easily. I look forward to joining you for more classes. Thank you for offering them!

  6. This is my third day of yoga in a row. This class was surprisingly difficult since I've been so inactive during quarantine. Revealed to me exactly where I am holding tension too. Thank you!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your great class. Much appreciated. Thanks to your gentle teaching I'm feeling very loosened up and relaxed. Thank you ♡

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