July 29, 2021

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EASY MORNING YOGA FLOW | For Beginners! (15 min )

25 thoughts on “EASY MORNING YOGA FLOW | For Beginners! (15 min )

  1. Love, love, love this quick morning yoga routine. I’m with the other black women on here, I’m excited to have found another yogi that looks like me. They are on here just have to be diligent in the search. Looking forward to have you as part of my practice. Asé

  2. I like it. The voice is calming, but I like more time to shift into the next movement. I felt like I was going to miss the next pose if I didn’t change with you even tho you say to take it at our own pace. Feeling like I’m missing out is not peaceful, it felt rushed for morning yoga.

    In short, I like a slower pace because i need that peace of mind.

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