June 21, 2021

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Total Body Pilates- 30 min Home workout

26 thoughts on “Total Body Pilates- 30 min Home workout

  1. I swear I have never felt more relaxed while doing a workout! My body was confused whether to enjoy the moment or to die because of the pain in my abs hahahaha

  2. Love love love! Only thing is the adverts go all the way through the video so you can’t do the video properly. Don’t mind them at the beginning but it interferes with the flow if they’re all the way through. Is it possible to change that if is it intentional? Love your channel!

  3. I really enjoy your content! Also really appreciate no music! There were at least 5 ads in difficult positions to suddenly get out of, so you have to stop and press skip ad each time. Wish there was an option to just view them all at the beginning…

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