July 26, 2021

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Upper Body Pilates Workout | Lottie Murphy

18 thoughts on “Upper Body Pilates Workout | Lottie Murphy

  1. This is a brilliant routine . I feel great afterwards . This is definitely a great one to practice a few times a week. Excellent instructions, thank you. I love pilates now. It makes me want to practice daily xx

  2. Thumbs down I slowed the speed down in the settings to 0.5x and it's still moving to fast and some of the exercise are not being done long enough to get a good rejuvenation. The shoulder told was done like two times for example a little before 10:30 in the video.

  3. This is my first video from you and it's an instant subscription! You're so sweet and reassuring the whole time. Really helps me focus on the move and not just keeping up

  4. This was fantastic! I was missing the 24 day challenge so when this popped up in my suggestions I clicked it immediately. Way more challenging than I thought it might be and I'll definitely be coming back to it.

  5. Good morning sweets… now that I’ve done over 30 videos of yours, I think I can say that this one is my favorite. Thank you as always. And I hope all is groovy 🙂

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