June 21, 2021

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Yoga For Beginners: 22 Minute Yoga Flow At Home | Breathe and Flow

42 thoughts on “Yoga For Beginners: 22 Minute Yoga Flow At Home | Breathe and Flow

  1. Thanks a lot for spending the time to create this great vid! Ive always been an active person doing sports since childhood but have lacked one major thing! Thats stretching!! I found this great not only for stretching the muscles but overall body wellness! Very calm and relieved of overall tightness. Thank you so much! Much love from UK/Sweden!

  2. Thanks brother, didn't quite get through the whole thing… I've accumulated a fair bit of stress and tension over the years which has me moving like an old man… I've resolved to commit to daily yoga to try to sort it out, I'll have another crack tomorrow!

  3. I've been mostly on bed rest for almost a year now, I don't want to share the reasons, afraid it'll come off as whinny. I've been in bed for a good chunk of the past year, like way more than most people I'd imagine. Now I'm trying to get back into working out but everything is stuff and tight, obviously lol. Just wondering if you have a video you'd recommend or if you could possibly make one that I could do?

  4. Thx for the video 🙂 1 Question regarding the downward dog:

    What do you mean by open shoulders? How do I open my shoulders? I really don't get what I should do there

  5. As a fellow yoga instructor, I must say, your cueing is so nice. It’s simple and direct. I feel like so many instructors use overly flowery wording to describe simple movements and it can be frustrating not knowing what they mean. But you’re very to them point and calm ♥️

  6. I think these movements are really powerful, but this video is way to fast for beginners. I cannot really follow.

    Pausing all the time destroys the flow. But I will keep it up.

  7. Thank you, Flow. I started your Embark program two months ago. Yes, I know it's a seven day program. But I spent the past 30 years not moving following five lumbar spine surgeries. After two months, I still find that I shake in a number of poses and two or three are still beyond my current ability. Shall I continue with Embark until it is no longer challenging to me? I really think you're brilliant, by the way.

  8. 838/5000

    I've never done this type of yoga in my entire life. Yin yoga was my favorite type because it's not that hard, it's just stretching. However, in the last few months I have noticed that my body is very weak and I feel like an easily fragile stick. I hate this feeling as I used to go to the gym every other day two years ago and had a really strong body. But since I find it difficult to motivate myself to go to the gym again, I decided to try yoga now. I already knew some exercises, but I never knew what to tense up or what to look out for. Thank you for this session with you, because I think I will continue to practice yoga so that I can get more in tune with my body and regain stability.

    Greetings from Germany! 🙂

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